Why we are different

IntelliSell is built from the ground up as a smarter, faster way to sell.

Specification tools like 2020, CET and Project Matrix are designed to accomplish one primary task – process complex factory orders down to the minutest detail. Accordingly, their primary target user is highly trained designers.

Using Specification tool for sales…

Why we are different
Our target users are sales reps and sales management.

Our purpose is to rapidly generate concise, actionable project specific pricing data and
graphics for your products and the competitor's products (…really)

  • Accurate and informed discounting strategies
  • Efficiently educate clients on different price-points
  • Instantly communicate impact of different feature sets on pricing
    • … "If I add or change this… what will it cost?"
    • … "If we take away that, how much will I save?"
  • Quickly arrive at the "best value" propositions for their needs and budget
  • Streamline the sales process, collapse the sales timeline
  • Greatly reduce expensive design time spent on "spec and revise" sales typicals

Are you the smartest, fastest dealer in your market?

Can you afford not to be?