How does the licensing work?

The software is licensed on an enterprise wide basis - not individual seats. So basically all employees of a dealership are covered (not independent reps). The company will be assigned a single corporate activation code, valid for all employees.

How much does it cost?

It is an annual license based on a sliding scale of dealer sales volume. The scale ranges from $2,000 per year for a 4mm dealer to a max of $6,500 for a 50mm+ dealer.

What is included?

The product is turnkey, there is nothing additional to purchase (i.e. Autocad, CAP, etc. is not required). The graphics engine, programs, pricing/data updates and training are included in the fee.

How do we get pricing or graphics updates?

Each time a user logs into the system, it will check for newly released data on our web server, if there is new data, the user will be given an option to download/install the update now or postpone to later. It is automatic and takes approximately 30 seconds to complete.

How long does training take?

Training takes 45-60 minutes via a web meeting. The software is very user friendly and intuitive. The software is designed for techno phobic reps/managers with short attention spans. As new hires are added, we will also train them for no additional charge.

What if I have a question after initial training?

Call us at 804-934-9951 or email us at support@intellisell-inc.com, we are very approachable and love to hear from our clients.

What if there is a product I would like added to the system?

Call us at 804-934-9951 or email us at support@intellisell-inc.com, we add products based on customer requests and market visibility. It is expensive for us to build the rules and data, so we can't necessarily add in minor players, but we aim to be responsive to our clients.

Can you add product specific graphics?

Yes, for a modest one time charge we can build product specific graphics. All we need are the Autocad files. What is very cool, is a user can then change the typical from one product to another with a single "click" and in 10 seconds the typical is rebuilt in the new product (or even manufacturer). Contact us to discuss pricing.