About Us

We are a small independent company that is passionate about our industry leading technologies, and pride ourselves on building ridiculously easy-to-use software. Headquartered in Richmond, VA we are a team of industry veterans, programmers and mathematicians from around the world.                

How IntelliSell Started

Back in 1998, while working on discounting strategies for his clone manufacturing company, Ron Rienecker realized that he was in for weeks of tedious grunt work crunching typical pricing and pouring over printed competitors price books.

After a couple of hours, he started to wonder if there wasn't a better way. So instead of finishing the static analysis, he began thinking about building what would become IntelliSell. It became clear that contract furniture products were becoming highly complex with multi-dimensional pricing options, yielding rule of thumb positioning strategies worthless. Project specific positioning was the only way to go.

It was also clear that sales reps had no tools suitable for easily creating good, better, best pricing alternatives for their clients. "What if" became a hated phrase at the dealership. The problem was time, skill and expense made traditional specification tools un-suitable for the task.

Breakthrough Technologies

Ron's personal experience as a gross margin expert (along with a Masters degree in Finance from William and Mary and an Accounting degree from St. Bonaventure) led him to create three breakthrough technologies which make IntelliSell so useful, intuitive and unique:

  • A proprietary search algorithm that finds apples-to-apples prices across product lines and manufactures
  • 1 click clustering
  • Point-and-click typical builder

IntelliSell's technology does most tasks automatically, in a way that specification tools can't. It provides concise, actionable pricing information and stunning graphics with minimal effort.

Market Leadership

IntelliSell was launched in 1999 and quickly attracted the attention of major manufacture's and leading dealers. In fact, Steelcase Inc. was so impressed it negotiated an exclusive distribution agreement that only recently expired. Our new version 5 is a breakthrough product for the industry – nothing is easier or faster to use. For dealers, it represents a rare opportunity to reduce expense AND improve the customer buying experience. Sales can efficiently move the client through the sales process and explore/communicate multiple price-point and product offerings in seconds instead of waiting days for design.